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14 March 2024 - SVR Charitable Trust activity – an update

There have been significant changes for the SVR Charitable Trust in the past 18 months, with the departures of Shelagh Paterson and Ian Jones. The Comberton Place office is now manned on Wednesdays only by volunteers, to save costs.  

“The CT has recently donated significant sums of money to SVR Holdings for several projects,” explained deputy chairman Paul Fathers. “These grants would not be possible without generous donations from individuals and other grant-giving bodies. 

“We’ve been busy over the past 12 months, looking after the administration of the Survival Fund appeal, which so far has raised £466,000. And we’ve fundraised for a number of other projects, which are listed below.  

“Many thanks to everyone involved, who’s either donated or helped with the work. It’s because of you that the CT is able to help, and we want to give sincere thanks to all our supporters.  

“If you’d like to get in touch, please email us on or leave a message on 01562 757940, and one of our team will get back to you.”   

As part of the Roof and Crane appeal, £12,000 has been allocated to moving and re-commissioning the CNC lathe in the main part of the workshop. The white-metalling area has also seen just under £2,000-worth of investment allocated to improvements. 

Over £8,000 has been spent on the rebuild of 9581, the GWR coach currently being converted by Richard Gunning and his team at Bewdley. This will give the Great Western set a much-needed and appropriate buffet car with improved facilities on board for the disabled.  

Nearly £4,000 has been spent modifying GWR door locks to enable many of the GWR coaches to return to use.  

Over £22,000 has been spent on underpinning Bewdley South signal box.  

A grant has been made to the Diesel Depot for enhancements, together with the purchase of oil-priming pump modification kits for the 08 diesel shunters. 

More than £88,000 was granted to SVRH to support this winter’s significant reconstruction of part of Bridgnorth yard. This included a substantial legacy from the late Bridgnorth volunteer, Dave Chapman. 

£7,500 is already allocated for the installation of a toilet for disabled visitors at Bewdley. 

Next winter, it’s planned to progress to the next major stage of the Bridgnorth yard rebuild. Around £144,000 is needed - so far, the CT has raised just over £20,000. Further donations would be appreciated.  

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