Preserving our heritage for
future generations

Get your grant-making organisation involved with the campaign to save Falling Sands Viaduct

If you are a trustee of a grant-making body that might be able to consider contributing towards our appeal, we'd love to hear from you.

We know that it will be important to fulfil the specific criteria for which you make grants and would carefully shape our application to you to fit these. For example, the project to restore Falling Sands Viaduct incorporates different aspects of heritage structure restoration, as well as skills training for volunteers and young people, and a wide range of community engagement and education activities.

Yes, my grant-making organisation would like more information

Thanks to National Lottery players, we've already been awarded a grant of £71,800 to refine and develop our bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a full grant of £1 million. We will submit our bid in October 2018, and receive HLF's final decision early in 2019. A key factor in winning HLF's support is our ability to independently raise £275,000 towards the costs of restoring Falling Sands Viaduct, and we are approaching a number of grant-making organisations, as well as seeking support from individuals and businesses.