Charity of the Year

Setting up a Charity of the Year Fund or supporting a specific project such as a restoration of a Carriage, can help motivate staff and highlight your company’s achievements throughout the year.

  • Set a team and company target that you would like to reach. This will help to motivate staff and will provide you with direction. It can also make a good story.
  • Get a small committee together that is interested in helping to organise a few events throughout the year. Events can vary and could include a pub quiz at the local bar, a coffee & bake a cake morning with staff and customers, a sweepstakes for the Royal Ascot races, car cleaning day at the office. It could easily tie in with any social club initiatives your company may already have.
  • Encourage staff to consider joining payroll giving. Payroll giving is an easy way to give money to charity. By donating a small amount each month from your pay cheque, you are not only helping the Railway, but you are also giving in a tax efficient way.