*Appeal Update*

Whilst fundraising continues at pace, the project itself is to be phased to avoid any delays in getting things underway, with phases 1 and 2 concentrating on the roof and all associated works necessary, including the foundations for the crane and electrical works, and phase 3 representing the installation of the crane itself. The roof has a very limited life span, just 2 years at most, and it is critical that this is addressed as soon as possible, with the crane being installed after the building is made safe and dry. The total cost of the first two phases is £380,000 and with funds now in excess of £417,000 we are close to being able to fund the project in its entirety – including the crane itself, with £475,000 as the goal to be achieved!


These are the current conditions in the SVR locomotive works at Bridgnorth. The roof is worn out, full of holes and leaks badly. It has been estimated that the roof has no more than a 2 year life span in its current condition and could potentially put a stop to works at the locomotive shed if the problems are not addressed.

The issues are made worse because the lighting is wholly inadequate. What’s more, the works lack a fit-for-purpose method of moving heavy items around. We want to change all of this. With your help we can transform the locomotive works at Bridgnorth.

  • We will build a new roof with insulated panels, at least 15% of which will be translucent to maximise daylight.
  • We will install state-of-the-art energy efficiency measures, to give full illumination in every part of the building, helping our workforce to preserve heritage locomotives in a properly lit environment, and by being more energy-efficient, we’ll use less electricity.
  • We will bring in an overhead travelling crane, allowing our engineers to move heavy items safely and with ease.

A new roof, crane and energy efficiency measures will make Bridgnorth locomotive shed a facility that the SVR can be proud of, where our people and rolling stock are protected in a safe and energy-efficient environment, and where we’ll become even better at what we do – preserving heritage rail for future generations..

A donation of £75 buys one roof panel and secures you a signed, Alan Reade Print of Bridgnorth Locomotive Works. £1,000 will pay for a steel column for the crane, and secure your name on a permanent scroll of honour at the Works