Bridgnorth Development Project

A transformation has taken place at Bridgnorth station!

The new refreshment room and restroom facilities, in a 1900s Great Western building style, opened in 2019. Its well proportioned and carefully designed features are the result of meticulous research, scrupulous attention to detail and more than a little ingenuity.  It stands as a testament to the SVR’s determination to create an authentic heritage building that not only serves the needs of visitors, but also harmonises perfectly with its surroundings.

The SVR's general manager Nick Ralls said the developments at Bridgnorth are the most significant development in the Railway's history, "The original infrastructure and buildings at Bridgnorth were never designed to cope with the large volume of passengers we have today. We'll be creating a dramatically improved experience for visitors and staff, and boosting the local economy." 

The next phase of the Bridgnorth development project is particularly exciting because it will see the installation of a restored turntable in the locomotive yard. The SVR Charitable Trust will help to fund this, so that for the first time ever, the SVR will be able to turn locomotives at the north end of the Railway. It will be a huge attraction for visitors and an invaluable operational asset.

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